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Foaming Triggers- Twin Pack

Foaming Triggers- Twin Pack

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Pack includes 2 Triggers

Made from all-plastic polyolefin, our Foaming Trigger Sprayer is one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient trigger sprayers available on the market. Our product is guarenteed to provide optimum spraying.

The patented design of these foaming triggers contains a pre-compression engine. This innovation controls the pressure inside the trigger head, so the product is delivered through the nozzle at a minimum of 3 bar pressure ensuring effective and consistent spray and foaming patterns.

Pre-Compression – How it works

• Compression is created when the piston in the trigger head is pushed into the sprayer
• The liquid will seek the easiest path out of the sprayer, in other words, the path of least resistance.
• The check valve is bias-closed, which prevents the flow of liquid back into the dip tube.
• When liquid pressure reaches 3 bars (43.5 psi), the priming dome valve suddenly opens.
• The release of this pressure enables the liquid to be dispensed at a high velocity which creates a consistent foam pattern.

Unrivalled performance in comparison to any others. Our customers’ experience superior spray/foam patterns perpetually maintaining a primed and pressurised product.

The trigger we provide is environmentally friendly, constructed of plastic with the most efficient pre-compression chamber available. Furthermore, it is the most aesthetically pleasing and functional trigger on the market.

Pack includes 2 Triggers

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