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Free Delivery on orders over £75
After Shine 1 Litre

After Shine 1 Litre

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THE ultimate shine and protection for your bike! 
Easily add a shine to your bike after a wash.

Titans Of Dirt Bike Shine is an siO2 infused after shine used during the washing process. After cleaning your bike simply spray Bike Shine from top to bottom, then after waiting a few moments you can rinse it off. Rinsing the product off activates the special formula and leaves behind an invisible ceramic coating that makes your bike shine as well as offering a layer of protection!





1- Wash bike as normal with Titans Of Dirt Bike Wash.

2- Whilst the bike is still wet, spray Bike Shine from top to bottom.

3- Allow product to rest on surfaces for 1-2 minutes.

4- Rinse off with clean water. Allow excess water to dry or towel dry for best results.

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