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Free Delivery on orders over £75


Feel the wrath Of The Titans

Our products are being used by riders all over the world. Its time to dump the old harsh bike cleaners and make your bike shine the smart way! See what all the fuss is about...

Titans Technology

Titans Of Dirt Bike Wash will easily remove mud, sand, shale, dirt, clay, tar and anything else you find sticking to your bike. It's suitable for cleaning plastics, aluminium, GRP, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants and much more. We can guarantee we have tested our products on every material you will find on your bike! 

Specifically formulated for its purpose. It's not just another re-badged chemical or traffic film remover like so many on the market. There is no other cleaner that is safer to use, or that's as economical when in use. The raw materials used for the manufacture of the cleaner are also the most biodegradable in their class

It cleans in a unique way. It attracts dirt like a magnet, then surrounds the dirt and stops it from sticking. Most other cleaners use aggressive agents e.g. bleach, sodium hydroxide (caustic), metasilicates, acids, abrasives, or solvents. Slowing killing the finish! Just a sniff of other products will give it away! ;) 

Patented Triggers

Our products have been made even better with our new patented triggers!

They work from all angles, helping to hit every part of the bike.

Our trigger sprayers are fitted with a proprietary pre compression valve that gives the most efficient and advanced liquid dispensing system in the market today, they are truly a unique trigger sprayer.

Output is efficiently dispensed at high-velocity when actuated, resulting in powerful spray and foam patterns. The pre-compression functionality virtually eliminates liquid “fall-off” or “boulders” (large droplets of liquid).

They really help you to use less product by increasing the spray coverage and making the product thicker on impact, thus meaning you less product to get the job done and less wasted product!


Titans Of Dirt is trusted by over 300,000 people worldwide. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality, giving your bike the look it deserves.