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Free Delivery on orders over £75

About Us

Formed in 2012, Titans Of Dirt has been involved in many exciting projects from holding huge Motorsport events to off road training days. To cut it short, we have always been involved with Motorcycles and racing.

For the last year, we have been working behind the scenes with the best in the industry to create a brand new bike cleaning formula. We have succeeded!

Titans Of Dirt Bike Wash Technology

Titans Of Dirt Bike Wash will easily remove mud, sand, shale, dirt, clay, tar and anything else you find sticking to your bike. It is suitable for cleaning plastics, aluminium, GRP, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants and much more. We can guarantee we have tested our products on every material you will find on your bike! 

Titans Of Dirt Bike Wash is specifically formulated for its purpose. It's not just another re-badged chemical or traffic film remover like so many others on the market. There is no other cleaner that's safer to use, or that is as economical when in use. The raw materials used for the manufacture of the cleaner are also the most biodegradable in their class, making sure that there is no other cleaner that even comes close for biodegradability.

Titans Of Dirt Bike Wash cleans in a unique way, it attracts dirt like a magnet, then surrounds the dirt and stops it from sticking. Most other cleaners use aggressive agents e.g. bleach, sodium hydroxide (caustic), metasilicates, acids, abrasives, or solvents, which is why they have hazard warning markings on their bottles. Just a sniff of other products will give it away! ;)

These products initially can look quite effective as a cleaner but problems occur with the degradation of the finish over time. You would find the gloss finish fades, sealants dry and crack, bearings get damaged and aluminium becomes discoloured and streaked (alkali cleaners are very good at this). Why spend so much money on your bike and then damage it? The answer is, you wouldn't.